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Reasons to write blog excerpts

It is good practice to write blog excepts, it will help you focus and stay on topic. An excerpt can be used as the basis to write a meta description and will help your readers find what they are looking for faster. For these reasons what you write for your excerpt is important.


Subscribe to Blog Posts

In a previous article I talked about providing site visitors an easy way to stay connected to you using Jetpack Subscrption module. In particular the subscribe to comments feature. Jetpack’s Subscription Module also allows visitors to subscribe and receive email notifications whenever you publish a blog post. But is it a good idea to use … Continue reading Subscribe to Blog Posts


Artist Website Success Stories

What better way to encourage other artists to show the world their work than telling them how your artist website success stories.

Post with my thanks and remember to provide your website address. (It’s all about the links back to your site after all)


Blogging Terms

In this article I explain the blogging terms you should know if you are using a blog on your website.

I have tried to keep it simple providing definitions for the most common terms and things you may ask about.