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Should Artist’s Add Online Collections to Their CV

Should Artist’s Add Online Collections to Their CV? Definition: An online collection would be a website that your work has been juried into. Not a free-upload-your-images and be apart of your 1000’s of artists portfolios. Read the full article on why artists should add online collections to their CV. Weigh in, leave your opinion. Have … Continue reading Should Artist’s Add Online Collections to Their CV

Facebook Profile & Business Page Basics for Art

How to get started with Facebook so you can use social media to build a following and gain exposure for your art

This might take some time and effort and the results will be worth it. Business Pages on Facebook are public, they will be indexed by search engines. The more interaction and likes the higher your ranking. Ditto for Twitter accounts.

Artist Seminars: artbiz speaks

“Artbiz Speaks” is an article about actually speaking, out loud, in person, in front of people giving artist seminars. Otherwise known as “public speaking”.

Yes this is about the dreaded public speaking, don’t freak out, please read on, I have a story to tell. This is about how I got over myself, out of my head, conquered my fears and into the real world.