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DOWNLOAD LINK for the Clark theme

PREVIEW at my fine art site

Automatic WordPress Theme Installation Below

Step #1

Go to the Appearance menu and select Themes. From here, select Add New and then click on Upload Theme.

Next, browse to the location of the parent .zip archive first, select it and press the Install Now button. Don’t activate the parent theme if you want to use the child theme. The parent theme just needs to be in the Themes folder for the child theme to work.

Next, perform the above again but this time browse to the location of the child theme .zip archive select it and press the Install Now button. On the next screen chose to Activate.

Your theme is now installed and you are all set.


If you do not see an Appearance tab it could be that you do not have administrative rights to your WordPress site. Contact the person who set up your site.

STEP #2:

Refresh your website, it should load with the new WordPress theme.

Any problems? I’m only an email away.


Mac users: If your Mac is set to unzip files on download you are going to need to either re-zip it OR you can stop your Mac from unzipping zip files upon download. Please try a search using “how to stop mac from unzipping files automatically” and you’ll see a number of results. Pick one that works for you.

Once you have resolved the unzipping problem with Mac you can log back into your WordPress for Art account and download the theme again.

Cynthia Morris

29 Ways to Take a Creative Leap

One of Cynthia’s biggest leaps was when she left cozy Boulder for a nomadic life in Europe. Before Cynthia left, she did all 29 of these steps that gave her courage and confidence to make my leap. Take your creative leap, using the suggestions in this pdf report.

Free instant downloads: 29 Ways to Take a Creative Leap (PDF)

Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Blog and author of “I’d Rather be in the Studio”; interview with Kim Bruce of

In this interview with Art Biz Coach’s Alyson Stanfield; Kim and Alyson share top tips for using WordPress as an artist website.

Free instant downloads:
60-minute MP3 audio + PDF transcript

The Media Room from Lezley Davidson, is essentially a permanent Press Kit on your website. This download lists everything you need to make it easy for reporters to access the best you have to offer for their publications.

Free instant download:
Media Room (PDF)

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