Batch Crop New Thumbnails

Gallery Management: Learn how to batch crop new thumbnails in any gallery all at once

When Artbiz sets up your site, the thumbnail size is set for you in the option settings of NextGen Gallery. Typically they are 100 x 100 pixels. If you ever want to change the size of the thumbnails you may do so under Gallery>Options>Thumbnails.

If you set the new size to be smaller but still square, you will not have to re-crop your thumbs. But, if you change the aspect ratio or choose a larger thumbnail size, you need to re-crop the thumbs so they do not appear blurry.

This is how to batch crop new thumbnails in NextGen Gallery. NOTE: this is not the same as cropping a new thumb as shown on Crop New Thumb.

Although not recommended, you could have different size thumbnails for each gallery. You can also create thumbs that maintain the same aspect ratio as the original image.

Note: A fixed dimension thumb means that if your full size image is landscape shape or portrait shape, then the thumbnails will also be that shape.

Navigate to Gallery> Manage Gallery and open the gallery containing the images you want to bulk crop.





Easy Peasy!