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Gallery Management: How to create NextGen Gallery Album and add galleries to the album.

As mentioned on the previous page, you add your Galleries to an Album to create thumbnail links to your individual Gallery pages.

Did you know that you can add a gallery to more than one album? We’ll cover that as well.

How to add galleries to album in NextGen Gallery

First things first:
To prepare a gallery to be added to an album we need to create some Gallery Settings.
Navigate to Gallery> Galleries and open the gallery. This is where you add a description for the gallery, select a preview thumbnail for the album cover, and link it to a page.

add nextgen gallery settings
Click image to enlarge

Title the gallery as you want the name to appear in the
Album when viewed on the site

Add a short description about the work that is in this gallery. This will appear next to the thumb in the album extended version only. The compact album shows only the name of the gallery and a preview thumbnail.

Select a “preview image”.
This becomes the thumbnail image used to identify the gallery.

Choose a Page to link the gallery. When someone clicks the preview image or text link from the album, the page with the gallery, will load.


TIP: if this is a new gallery, you can create a page for it right here. This will automatically insert the gallery shortcode and link the page. If you want to add any text or are using the Simple Viewer Gallery (Gallery Option #2), you will need to open the page for editing and make your additions or changes.

This is the upload path where Nextgen Gallery finds the images. Should you rename your gallery in step 1, DO NOT change the gallery path to match.  It will confuse the database and your images will not show.

Create the Album

Navigate to Gallery> Album

Click image to enlarge

Select an existing album
from the drop down menu.

Create a new album in the
“Add New Album” textbox and click ADD

Click image to enlarge

Drag and drop
your galleries into the album.


Edit album:
allows you to change the name of the album, as well as, the preview image.

only deletes the album, your galleries will still exist.

Show All: If a gallery is already in an album it may not appear in the list, click “show all”, to reload all the galleries.
Maximize: expands the gallery and album tab to show the preview image and gallery info
Minimize: collapses to show only the blue tab.

Quick Study to create a NextGen Album

Yeah, we have an album with some galleries in it now let’s insert the album on to a page or post

5 thoughts on “Create NextGen Gallery Album”

  1. Hi Kim,
    The links to the galleries (thumbnails) from each page don’t seem to work. However, the ones on the sidebar do…and I’m afraid to fiddle around too much with some of the settings…probably a good thing!

    1. You need to link the gallery to the page. To do this open the gallery under Manage Gallery and look up in the top right corner where it says “Page Linked to:” and select the page you want from the drop down menu.

      Make sure you delete those duplicate pages that you mentioned in your last comment, otherwise they will show in the drop down menu and you won’t know which is which.

        1. First of all you linked Coulees with Watercolours and not the Coulees page. You just need to pick the right page by clicking on the arrow on the right of the drop down menu.

          The “Album” thumbs do appear on every page via a widget and on your Portfolio page. They are the same Album so you only need to select the page once.

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