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Gallery Management: How to watermark images in NextGen Gallery, setting a  permanent watermark

While naming and embedding your images with copyright notices and using the Title and Alt descriptions in WordPress, all work well when people are reposting your images to their own sites, it does absolutely nothing for screen captured or snipped images. Nor does it work with sites like Facebook and Pinterest, which strip metadata from images posted. If you feel that you need an extra layer of visual protection, watermarking images is a way to achieve this.

My reason for watermarking is not to stop people from accessing my images, but rather, to allow a trail back to me and my website.

Watermarks should be unobtrusive and sit in the lower right hand corner. They should never be across the center of your art. When you come across one of your images at another website you can be flattered that someone liked your work enough to post it. But if you don’t see a copyright credit, you are well within your rights to contact the site owner and request credit, copyright, and even removal of the image if you feel strongly about it.

NextCell Gallery will permanently apply text or an uploaded image as a watermark that you can set up under options. This is a two step process.
NOTE: The watermark can not be removed once it has been added but the original image can be recovered.

#1  Go to  Gallery>Settings>Watermark to set your configuration and preview the settings


Use image as watermark: use a png or gif that has a transparent background to show only your text or logo. It is beyond the scope of these tutorials to teach you how to create this image but there are a number of tutorials online that you can find with a simple search. To use the image as a watermark first upload it into your media library and copy the image URL and paste it into the URL to file box. Save the settings so that the screen refreshes and you can see the image overlaid in the preview window.

Use a text watermark: select from a list of fonts, size in pixels, select a colour using a hex colour (999999 is a light grey and will show on light and dark work). Choose the opacity but remember that the smaller the text the more opaque you may want it.

TIP: If the light grey text is too light, try 333333, this is a charcoal grey. If you do not move the offset (where the watermark appears) or the text itself, you can re-watermark right over top the lighter text.

There are 9 positions to choose from, lower right corner is recommended. Set the offset from the edge in pixels. 5 pixels is the default.

Save Changes in order to see the settings you entered in the preview window. Adjust the settings to get the watermark where and how you want it. Nothing is applied here, we need to go to step 2 in order to apply the watermark.

#2 Go to Gallery>Galleries>your gallery.

Select the images and use the bulk action menu to apply the watermark. See the bulk actions menu instructions at Manage Gallery. Watermarking images in NextCell Gallery is permanent. The only way to remove the watermark is to recover the image from backup which is also done from the bulk actions menu.

TIP: Try it on one image only for the first time to confirm that you like the watermark and that this is what you actually want to do. It is much easier to replace one image that it is an entire galleries worth of images.

TIP: Use the © symbol with your text.

NOTE: If your images were uploaded to NextGen Gallery in older versions there may not be a backup of the image to recover. If this is the case upload the image again and make sure that your select to Backup Original Images from Gallery>Settings>Images.

14 thoughts on “Watermark Gallery Images”

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’m trying to apply a watermark to one image first. I went through Step 1, no problem. Step 2, I followed, went to bulk actions, selected one image, hit “apply” and it seems to try to apply for a very long time without any watermark happening. Is it my slow internet? I don’t have dial-up, but I have Satellite.

    1. Hi Lesley

      Yes the plugin developer has changed a few things. The new navigation would be Galleries rather than the old Manage Gallery. Also Options is now Settings.

      I will be updating this tutorial soon.

  2. When I use less than 5 pixels for the size nothing is visible on the preview and 5 pixels covers over half the image. What pixel size do you suggest?

  3. Hi Kim,
    How can we try it on a single image first? Also, the watermark does look best in the lower right but covers the signature. Thanks for a wonderful set of tutorials.

    1. Hi Bev
      The keyboard Shortcuts for © are:

      For Mac users press Alt+g
      For PC users press Ctrl+Alt+c
      Press the keys all at the same time and the © will appear where ever you place your cursor.

      In Word you can find the © under Insert>Symbol, then you can just copy and paste it where you want to use it.

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