NextGen Gallery Module

Artbiz - NextGen Gallery ManagementNextGen Gallery Management Module from the WordPress for Artists Tutorials includes all ten tutorials from the site.

Included are the Resize Images and Watermarking tutorials.

NextGen Gallery Options
This tutorial covers all the gallery settings under the Options tab

Resize Images
Step by step instructions on how to resize images for your website using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or with a handy online tool.

Create and Manage Create a Gallery
Step by step visual instructions to create a new gallery, uploading images, adding image descriptions, alt titles, tags and sorting.

Add Gallery to a page
Learn how to add NextGen Gallery to a Page or Post and what’s the difference between a gallery and an album.

Create Album
How to create NextGen Gallery Album and add galleries to the album. Did you know that you can add your gallery to more than one album?

Add Album to a Page
How to insert NextGen Gallery Album on a page or post. There are two types of albums; these instructions include both expanded and compact versions.

Batch Crop New Thumbnails
Learn how to batch crop new thumbnails in any gallery all at once.

Copy or Move Images
How to copy or move images between galleries when an image needs to be in more than one gallery OR; whoops I uploaded into the wrong gallery

Crop a new thumb
In this tutorial you will learn how to crop a new thumb in NextGen Gallery for any single image.

Watermark Images
How to watermark gallery images, setting a permanent text or image watermark.

Gallery Tags
How to Create a Tag Gallery. Sort your images with tags and call them up using that tag into a gallery of its own.

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