SEO Tutorial

artbiz-seo-for-artistsSEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, where one optimizes their art website to make it not only search engine friendly but, first and foremost, visitor friendly.

The SEO Tutorial covers everything from incorporating keywords, (which are actual short phrases), into headings and content, to adding Alt and Title descriptions to links and images.

Since artist websites consist mostly of images, it is important to become skilled at making search engine friendly images. This is easily accomplished by learning to use Alt & Title attributes. With the SEO Tutorial for artists, you are also going to learn about keywords, meta descriptions and hyperlinks. And finally, how to make use of the SEO plugins All in One SEO and WordPress SEO.

When learning SEO, it’s much easier to understand if you know how search engines work. In very basic terms, there are two main components to the search engines, the crawler and the algorithm. The crawler, which is also referred to as a spider, or a robot, or simply just a bot, is what goes out on the web and fetches the info. The algorithm is basically the ranking formula that each search engine uses to determine the relevancy of any page that the spider finds.

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