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Over the 8 or so years that I have been designing websites for artists, my principal objective has been, not only to create websites that present art in the best light possible, but also to coach clients on how to create strong content.

You see that’s the thing with WordPress. While I design a well structured theme, the packaging, what goes inside that package is often not up to me.

I help my clients by advising them about formatting their sites content correctly; optimizing images, but ultimately they take responsibility for their content. Typically it’s the reason that they go with WordPress in the first place; so that they can manage their content.

WordPress is a great vehicle for just that; managing your content. That is why it is fast becoming the world’s number one Content Management System.

So let’s talk about Managing Content. What does it mean to manage your content?

It means visiting your site every now and reviewing the list of tips that I have compiled and implementing them to Make Your Website Content Stronger. I reviewed over 100 artists sites to compile this list of the good, the bad and and the ugly, and link out to the good as examples.

It means visiting your site and giving it a Website Check Up. The Website Check Up list relates to how well your website performs overall. Use it to review your own site to ensure that it is efficient and logical.

It means to format text and images correctly to make your visitor experience more memorable. Not only that, but by formatting your text and images correctly your search engine ranking with improve. Really!

Do you need help with any of the above? I am just and email away. For a consulting fee of $75, I will visit your site, navigate around and give you a visitor experience report. I will look at your source code, images and content and provide you with a list of recommendations that you can implement for strong website content, and make it visitor and search engine friendly!

For $120 you can book a live WordPress Training Session and we will actually do the work together for one hour.



2 thoughts on “Strong Website Content”

  1. Great article Kim! But you didn’t have to look at 100 artists to compile that list – you could have just saved yourself a lot of time and found everything on mine for the bad and the ugly! The timing was perfect for me – I am going through my site as I work towards a facelift to reflect my photography – past, present and future! I have a list of things I want to change/add/remove and I am referring to your great articles as my guideline. Don’t panic – I have not published the changes yet – your reputation is still good!

    1. Hi Debbie, I can hardly wait to see your past, present, and will check in on the future from time to time. Still love your header image though, are you changing that as well, or just working on your content?

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