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The interesting thing about being interviewed about one’s work is that it really makes you think. This was a really great exercise, not only about my art but brought on realizations on why I do what I do.

Thanks for the challenge Ann Hart Marquis.

Should Artist’s Add Online Collections to Their CV

Should Artist’s Add Online Collections to Their CV? Definition: An online collection would be a website that your work has been juried into. Not a free-upload-your-images and be apart of your 1000′s of artists portfolios. Read the full article on why artists should add online collections to their CV. Weigh in, leave your opinion. Have [...]


Artbiz Guest Post at FineArtTips.com – 3 BIG Mistakes Artists make on their Websites

It’s no secret Artbiz is all about WordPress. I use it for artist websites because it’s an easy platform for artists to manage themselves. Once WordPress is installed you can simply pick a theme and start uploading images and adding your content. As easy as this may sound I see these 3 BIG MISTAKES artist’s make with their websites over [...]