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The Blog Newsletter Combo Makes Art Blogging Easy

CONCEPT: The concept behind the blog newsletter combo is that content sent to followers in emails can also be blog posts. This will make creating content and art blogging  easy. As an artist I did not set out to blog about anything, let alone my art work.  However, I did start to blog when a client […]

How to Copy and Paste a Link

You will find many uses for it so I am going to show you how to copy and paste a link URL. It is important to know that pasting a URL does not automatically add a hyperlink to it. Nor should you be using a URL as the link text for a hyperlink. This is because most URL’s are not pretty and don’t have meaning. Read more about meaningful hyperlinks here.

What do You Name Your Homepage

You may or maynot know that you really don’t need a home page per se. With WordPress you can set any page or your blog to be the landing page of your site. But if you want a special page as a home page then don’t name the home page home. Why? Because home really isn’t a […]