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Beverley Tosh, a Canadian artist, painted One-Way Passage, a monumental portrait of her mother Dorothy as a young war bride who emigrated from her native Canada to New Zealand. The portrait includes the names of ships on which many war brides had travelled. This painting was the direct catalyst for her continuing research on war brides.

These “war brides” are women she has met and corresponded with in Canada and the United States, Britain, Holland, New Zealand and Australia. Each war bride has recounted her story to the artist – a personal story about love and family, adaptation, endurance and identity. Their stories, of finding and sometimes losing love, represent the leap of faith taken by thousands in order to build lives far from home.

I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to experience the “One Way Passage” exhibtion to do so. If not then you will get a really good snap shot by visiting

I worked with Bev on her original site back 2004. It was a HTML site which made it virtually impossible for Bev to update herself. Recently we converted Bev’s War Bride HTML website to WordPress so that she can manage it her self.

This is what Bev had to say about using the Do It Yourself Help Site:

“Your tutorials are very well written and illustrated. While some assume a moderately knowledgeable user, they make sense to a neophyte such as myself. You have given me the tools to learn how to highlight the visibility of my website to search engines while protecting my web images from appropriation – and so much more. I would strongly recommend your tutorials to all artists.”
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