WordPress Plus Minus

artbiz: wordpress plus minus
WordPress Plus Minus Installation & Configuration
+ One time fee $225 on your hosting account
+ Your choice of one Artbiz Artist Themes
+ Upgrade service including tutorial access, security scans, backups & theme updates (annual fee $67.50 optional)


Along with installation and configurations of WordPress and plugins for: images gallery, seo, backups, social media, contact form, and security scanner, Artbiz will also do the following…

  1. Artbiz will create 10 blank pages for you to start with ready for you to add your content. You can always add more as your site grows.
  2. Artibiz will create 3 empty image galleries and link each to one of 3 of the 10 pages. These will be ready for you to upload your images. There is no limit to the number of galleries or images you can upload once you take over the management of your site.
  3. We will install one WordPress Artist Theme of your choice where you can…
    • Change the background colors & image of your desired theme
    • Change or add a header image
    • Change the font & color of your site title, page titles & links
    • Showcase template for your blog
  4. Artbiz will setup your Nav Menu and you can reorder your pages with a drag and drop interface anytime.
  5. You can add links to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and others.

Shopping carts plugins are available, please contact me about your specific needs and I will advise you about the best plugin for you.

Don’t want to add your own content? There’s an option to have Artbiz do it for you.

Check to add the option to subscribe to Artbiz’s Upgrade service and you will save time with access to our visual based library of visual aids and videosArtbiz will also be available to answer any questions and point you in the right direction before, after and during.

If you have any questions please contact me

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