WordPress Installation and Configuration

artbiz: wordpress plusWordPress + Installation and Configuration on your hosting or mine
+ One time setup fee $225
+ Your choice of one Artbiz Artist Themes
+ Upgrade service $67.50 for existing hosting
OR $120 annual hosting with Artbiz

Along with a WordPress installation and configuration, we provide enhancement plugins for: image galleries, search engine optimization, backups, social media, contact form, and security scanner, and more.  Artbiz will also do the following…

  1. Artbiz will create 10 blank pages for you to start with ready for you to add your content. You can always add more as your site grows.
  2. Artibiz will create 3 empty image galleries and link each to one of 3 of the 10 pages. These will be ready for you to upload your images. There is no limit to the number of galleries or images you can upload once you take over the management of your site.
  3. We will install one WordPress Artist Theme of your choice where you can…
    • Change the background colors & image of your desired theme
    • Change or add a header image
    • Change the font & color of your site title, page titles & links
  4. Artbiz will setup your Navigation Menu where  you can reorder your pages with a drag and drop interface anytime.
  5. You can add links to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and others, add videos and newsletters and much more.

Shopping carts plugins are available, please contact me about your specific needs and I will advise you about the best plugin for you.

Don’t want to add your own content? There’s an option on the signup form to have Artbiz do it for you.

Domain Name Registration

Host Your Site with Artbiz

Artbiz has a Virtually Partitioned Server for hosted clients. This means that we don’t share our resources, like memory and band width, with anyone but other Artbiz clients.

Standard host providers do not automatically upgrade third party programs like WordPress.
By hosting your site with Artbiz your site will be automatically upgraded when new program releases become available. This includes:

  • Core Updates are major application updates to WordPress. Often these upgrades are security related and are important to maintain. Artbiz ensures that the core updates are compatible with each and every one of the plugins. If a plugin needs to be replaced we will do that and provide you with the details.
  • Plugin Updates are things like your Contact form, SEO (important for your sites rankings in Google etc), Gallery etc. From time to time the developers of these plugins provide updates that increase functionality, fix bugs and enhance security. While these appear to be simple updates Artbiz still tests them to ensure they still do what they say they will.
  • Free Support for the life of your hosting.

Already Have Hosting?

We can install the WordPress Plus package at your existing hosting site and provide you with our WordPress upgrade service, tutorial access and annual support for $67.50 annually. Please read more details about this service.

If you have any questions please contact me

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All fees are US dollars

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