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Over at I talk about my art but I have also have a category called “Art Management” which really doesn’t fit into my mission here at Artbiz. So I decided that I would expand myself and you by writing about the in’s and out’s of being an exhibiting artist.


Blogging Terms

In this article I explain the blogging terms you should know if you are using a blog on your website.

I have tried to keep it simple providing definitions for the most common terms and things you may ask about.


Comments or not

I think one reason why people may shy away from blogging is because of the dreaded “no comments”. It’s like no body is coming to your party.

Blogging is about building relationships so don’t be shy leave a comment.


Artbiz at VAAA

VAAA recently started to new category “Professional Development” where they will build an inventory of instructional posts to help artists develop their art practice.