Artbiz at VAAA

Visual Arts Alberta Association has long been a source for artists to find opportunities

Visual Arts Alberta is a non-profit, Provincial Arts Service Organization (PASO) with a mission to promote and assist Alberta visual arts and artists, providing a communication hub between members of the visual arts community and the general public.  Additionally, it is the goal of Visual Arts Alberta to provide Alberta artists with current, vital information on arts opportunities locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally to ensure that they are able to actively and knowledgeably participate in the broader visual arts world.

Recently they started to new category “Professional Development” where they will build an inventory of instructional posts to help artists develop their art practice.

I will be contributing 4 Articles about Blogs and Websites which will be published at the VAAA Art Blog beginning Wednesday July 27th and the following 3 Wednesdays in August. So if you want to find out more about blogging and websites, visit the VAAA Art Blog! And if you want to volunteer some time for the VAAA by writing articles please get in touch with Chris W. Carson at or by telephone to 780.421.1731




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