Artbiz at VAAA

VAAA recently started to new category “Professional Development” where they will build an inventory of instructional posts to help artists develop their art practice.


Warning: Bad Galleries

Here at Artbiz I work with a lot of artists, pretty much all artists, all the time. Sometimes we get to talking about our unique world and share experiences. Over time I have conversed with a few artists that relayed stories about bad experiences with galleries.


How to use your website as a submission tool

The procedure for submitting via your website is really no different than what you would do normally. You still need to do your homework, write your words and take your pictures. Perseverance Furthers!

Here’s 10 tips on how to use your website as a submission tool and 3 thing never to do


Let’s Talk Image Quality

Since the art world is moving more and more toward website submissions it is very important – no it is paramount – that your images are high quality. That does not mean that they are large file size and 300dpi. That would take forever to load and your visitors will leave your site before the image finally gets there.


Writing Resources for Artists

Do you absolutely hate, detest and despise writing artist statements, submission letters or proposals? I get anxious and break out into a cold sweat (well not really but I still don’t like it).

To help in this daunting task I have compiled some writing resources for artists to people and sites that actually have some useful tips.