No Explanation Needed

Tip #7

Find a “no explanation needed” domain name. Be aware of how you’re going to tell people about your website.

You can have up to 63 characters in a domain name. That is a long name and could be hard to remember.

5 to 30 characters is the norm.

Don’t be tempted to use dashes or numbers if your name .com is not available. Especially Roman numerals, is it an I or l or an 1. You will be relying on people to remember that. And if it just sounds awkward when speaking your domain name chose a simpler name.

Most people are use to having the words run together and more than likely will not remember to add the dash.

Can you explain to a total stranger how to get to your website, without;

spelling words out
explaining what abbreviations mean
explaining what the terms are; like “encaustic”

If not, think simpler, even if that means longer.




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