Let’s Talk Image Quality

Since the art world is moving more and more toward website submissions it is very important – no – it is paramount – that your images are high quality. That does not mean that they are large file size and 300dpi. That would take forever to load and your visitors will leave your site before the image finally gets there.

What is does mean is that your original digital photograph is of high quality because when it is reduced in size and made web ready it will hold that same quality even though it is a smaller image (around 72dpi).

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Read my article on re-sizing images for the web
  2. Always resize your images to be the same height by their proportional width. The next and previous links will be in approximately the same position making it easier for your visitors to find and advance.
  3. View your images and website on different computers with different monitor sizes. What looks good on your gigantic screen make not look so good on a 14″ monitor.
  4. Group like genres together in the same gallery.
  5. Have a read through these photography resource sites on how to photograph artwork.



If the gallery or collector is interested in your work they may request higher resolution images. Then you can send them that 3MB 350dpi image.