Appearance Options

WordPress for Artists: Learn how the WordPress Appearance Options can change the look of your site

Under the WordPress Appearance options menu are links to edit your site’s background and header, manage site navigation with menus and add widgets to the sidebar or other widget areas.

The tutorials for this section are listed below with a link to each.You can access any tutorial, in any section, at any time by expanding the main menu in the sidebar to the left or by using the Sitemap.

Depending on your theme and how your site was set up, not all these items may be available to you. For instance, if Artbiz created a custom website with custom graphics for you then there would be no need to change the theme, background or header and these menu items will not appear. However if you have one of Artbiz’s Artist Themes then you will be able to alter the background and header depending on the theme. If you have an Artbiz a WordPress + + Subscription then the theme option will also be available.