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WordPress Appearance Options: Brand or Customize your website by Changing the Themes Header Image

With some Artbiz artist themes, you have the capability to upload your logo or an image of your art and replace the default image. This an easy way to brand your website.

You will find the features of each theme listed in the theme description under  Appearance>Themes. Once a theme has been activated, you may have the option to change Themes header image. Navigate to Appearance> Header in the admin menu.


Live Preview: the active header image is shown in the preview box. The size of the image needed is shown in the top left task pane. If your image is larger than this, once you have uploaded (see image below), you can crop the image on the next screen or use it as is by clicking Skip Cropping.


Browse your computer or media library to select your new header image and click the upload button.

It is advisable to ensure that your new image is optimized for the web for fast loading. See “Resize Images for the Web” for how.

Uploaded Images: You can upload multiple images and a thumbnail of each will be shown here. You have the option to choose just one of the images by clicking on it. This image will appear in the header of all pages/posts of your site.

The other option is to select a random image. By clicking the Randomize Image button, WordPress will bring in a different image in the header every time a visitor goes to a new page or post. You currently can not control which image appears on which page and sometimes the image will appear twice in a row. If you use this option try to upload at least 5 images to get the best results.

Remove: will remove the header image all together leaving you with only your site title and description. You can restore any one of your uploaded images or a default image, as they will remain attached* to the header.

*Your uploaded header images are stored in your Media Library. If you delete the image from the library they will be removed from the header.

Tip: When you do this for the first time, you may find that it takes a few tries to get it the way you want. Every time you upload an image, a new copy of that image is stored in the media library. It is a good idea to clean out the unused images.  If the image is in use, it will be listed as “attached” and  say where it is attached. If it is not attached it is safe to delete.

Remove Header Text: will hide the site title and description from view. It will, however, still be in the source code for search engines to read. To do this click the back arrow on the upper left and open the Site Identity tab and check the box to hide it.

Text Color: Using a color wheel select a new color for your header text. This will apply to both the site title and description.

When you are happy with your customization make sure you  “Save & Publish” or all will be lost. 

If you have one of the new “David” art themes learn how to change the fonts and colors.

10 thoughts on “Change Themes Header Image”

    1. You can add a header image with Freida, but it will span the full width and fall under the header text.

      I recommend creating a png or gif with a transparent background that has both your logo and header text positioned where you want. Once you upload it you can select not to show the site title and description by checking the box not to under the “site identity” tab in customize

  1. I’m thinking of using a header image that has the name of my website in it. I would then just delete the header title that currently exists as the title would be in the image. Will that cause issues for search engines? Is there any reason why that would not be a good idea? Thanks!

  2. Can anyone tell me how to remove the header image from pages other than the front/home page? I would prefer the header didn’t appear on my gallery pages. Thanks!

    1. Pamela in order to have your header image appear only on your home page you would need to code a home page template and include it in the theme directory. Then apply it the the page under “page attributes”. This is not an easy task if you do not know how to create WordPress themes.

      A work around would be to use a feature image which will only appear on the home page above the page title.

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