Change WordPress Themes

WordPress Appearance Options: Learn how you can change WordPress themes with the click of a button

Want to switch to one of the new Artbiz WordPress artist themes? You can have a new fresh look without disturbing the content and keep all the widgets that you previously organized.

When Artbiz sets up a WordPress All In website you will have access to all the artist themes with new themes added automatically. With WordPress forever growing and adding new functionality, a WordPress + + subscription means you will always have the latest and greatest features.

Change WordPress themes in three easy steps.

In the Dashboard Administration menu go to Appearance>Themes.

How to change WordPress Themes
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At the top of the Themes page you will see the Current Theme active on your site. Below that are screenshots of all the available themes. Read the “theme details” by clicking the link that appears when hovering over the image.

Customize the theme before or after you activate.  Use the “customize” link to open the live preview window for the current active theme.

Live Preview before you activate. The live preview link opens the theme in a new page where you can apply options before you activate. The available options to customize will depend on the theme  (see image below). You can also navigate your site in the preview window to get a feel for what your content will look like and see the customizations in real time. Depending on your content, the preview may not render the content as accurately as activating the theme.

Activate will set the chosen theme to become your current theme. When you activate a theme in the preview window, or from the list of options, it will appear as the “Current Theme” at the top of the page.

Please do not delete a theme because that can not be undone.

The Live Preview

Theme customizations for WordPress 3.4
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This Live Preview page opens when you click the link under a theme.  You can apply available theme customizations and preview them in real time before you activate a theme. You can also access this page even after you have activated a theme by clicking the “customize” link under the current theme screen shot on the main themes page  (see #2 above).

The options that will be available to customize will depend on the theme and will be listed in the menu on the left. To use any of these options please read the corresponding tutorials. These option sets are mini versions of the main customization pages. For instance to change the header image, familiarize yourself by reading the “Change Themes Header Image” tutorial.

Once you are satisfied with how the theme looks click the Save & Publish blue button. Or if you want to try another theme simply click cancel and you will be brought back to the themes page.

With the new David themes some fonts and font colors can also be changed. Please see this tutorial.

In the next tutorial we will add some functionality and learn how to use WordPress Widgets