Create a PayPal Button for WordPress

Bonus Tutorial: Create a PayPal Button and insert it into a WordPress page or post

What you need to have in place before you can create a PayPal Button for WordPress

  1. A PayPal Premier or Business account. That’s it.
  2. After you create your PayPal account come back here and get started.

Login in to your PayPal account and click on Tools > All Tools

On the next screen you will see all your saved buttons if you have any. Click on the one you want to edit or from the menu on the right click on the”Create New Button.”

Okay now you are ready to follow the video below.  Pause it at any time, rewind, play again.

This video covers the creation of a “Buy Now” Button. The images above show the new PayPal interface, while the video below shows the older screens.

Troubleshooting: If the button doesn’t show up check to make sure you inserted it into the HTML view of the editor.

Avoiding Problems with Pasted HTML Code for Payment Buttons

After you paste the code onto your webpage or into your email, ensure that it matches exactly the code that you copied from PayPal. Pasted code may not match the generated code for the following reasons:

  • You did not copy all of the generated code.
  • Your editing tool may have special areas for pasting HTML code and other areas for pasting URLs and display text. Be sure you paste the generated code into a field that accepts HTML code or URLs.
  • Your editing tool might change some characters in the pasted code