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Bonus Tutorial: Using eShop Shopping Cart Plugin

eShop for WordPress is a very accessible shopping cart and one of the easier ones to setup and use.

This tutorial assumes that you have eshop installed and covers the basic tasks. For further reference there is an extensive help guide at (the developers of eShop).

eShop Settings

The main configuration settings can be found under Settings > eShop. This is where you set your business email and set the shop to go live. The tabs along the top of the page provide settings for you to choose your Merchant Gateway, set your sales tax, amoung others.

Under eShop in the admin menu is where you set your shipping rates (covered below) and the places you ship to. It also lists all your current products. You can create and manage your option sets (which is also cover below) and downloadable products. To offer discount codes you can create them here, as well as customize your thank you emails, etc.

There are a number of settings as you scroll down this page, most of which are self explanatory. For instance this is where you set your currency symbol. The default is English Pounds so if you use dollars don’t forget to change the symbol.

While you are building your shop you can keep eShop in “testing” mode. This prevents purchases of your products. To launch your shop change to “live” from the drop down menu.

Under the Merchant Gateways tab you will find the shopping carts available for you to use. You need an account with one of these Gateways; PayPal being the most popular. Enter your account information,  this connects eShop to your Merchant Gateway. Also don’t forget to set your country and currency as shown on the image below. You can find it on the Merchant Gatway page over on the right. If you don’t see it go up to screen options at the top right of the screen and select to display 2 columns from the screen options tab.

Set Country and Currency

eShop Shipping

Product Entry on a Page or Post

You can add a single product on any page or post. eShop does require that products have the form filled in for the product to be available for purchase.

The most IMPORTANT step not to be missed in order to attach an image to your product is to insert it and set it as the FEATURED image. If you miss setting the featured image there will be an image of a generic shopping basket showing instead of your actual product.

Enter your product descriptions into the editor
and more images if necessary.

Fill in the eShop form. You will find it under the editor. Fill in all the form fields and select an option set if applicable, not all products have to or need option sets. Only check the option box if there are different options for a product at the same price. For example you are selling an 8×10 print with the option of color or black & white. Options sets are created under eShop > Option Sets in the admin menu.

IMPORTANT! – If you want your product to show on your site you need to check “Stock Available”. If you run out of stock simply uncheck this box to remove the product from being listed but maintain the product page.

Save and publish your page/post.

Building the Shop

Create a page and insert the following shortcode. The short code will bring in the products from all this page’s child pages. [ eshop_list_subpages panels=”yes” form=”yes” imgsize=”50″ ].

If you copy the shortcode make sure you remove the spaces between the text and the opening and closing brackets

When you create a product page make sure that you set your main shop page as the parent from the Page Attributes drop down menu. The product will be listed on the main shop page and visitors can click on the image and go to the individual product page for more information.

The product may be added to the shopping cart from the individual product page or from the main shop page.

There is more that can be accomplished with eShop such as setting featured products,discount options and more. All of which can be found in the documentation at Using this tutorial will get you well on your way and is typically all you need to sell art or art prints online.

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