Import Domain Name Email into Gmail

When setting up an email that is connected to your domain name you are promoting your brand and that gives you instant credibility and looks professional.

On the down side hosted email accounts take up a lot of disc space and memory. And let’s face it the web-mail interface is not that great and doesn’t provide the day to day functionality you need to run your business.

Enter Gmail. Gmail provides up to 15GB (gigabytes) of space to store your email. To put that into perspective, your average website is only 200 to 300MB (megabytes). There are 1024 megabytes in just on gigabyte. Gmail’s space allotment is HUGH!

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to import domain name email into Gmail. Once it’s imported you can access your email anywhere, anytime and from any device. You don’t need a desk top email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail anymore. Gmail also has a built in app for mobile devices on most phones and tablets.

If you are a hosted client I can create your email for you or if you have access to cPanel you can do it yourself.

Next sign up for a Gmail account. Go to to create an account. Once that is done, log in and follow these images to import domain name email into Gmail.

glass_numbers_1 Once logged into Gmail look over to the right top of the page where you see a gear icon. Click that to reveal a drop down menu and click on Settings.

Gmail Slide1

glass_numbers_2 On the settings page you will be presented with a number of navigation options. You want to click the Accounts tab and then Add a POP3 account your own.


glass_numbers_3 When you click on the Add a POP3 account you own a pop up window will appear. There are a series of steps, just enter the information and continue to the next step.

The first step is to enter your email address. The images are using an example email to demonstrate the steps.


glass_numbers_4 Enter your username, which is typically the “word” before the So if your email address is then “kim” is your username. NOTE: Depending on your host your username could very well be your entire email address

The password is what ever you selected when you set up the email or received from Artbiz if we set your email up for you.

The Pop Server will automatically be filled in as will the default port 110. Select 995 from the dropdown for secure mail.

Here’s a real life example from my email account

 Make sure you check the radio button as shown on the image below. This allows you to respond to emails using your domain name based email as well as create and send emails using that account.
 Here you can select the name that will appear with your emails. For example (I’ll use myself again) my email Rather than have the email appear I can choose to use my actual name “Kim Bruce”. This adds a level of personalization.

DO NOT check the box to treat your domain name email as an alias as this will send all your email using your Gmail email address.
 Gmail will request a secure connection to the email server. Look up these settings in the “Configure Email Client” settings.



 The final steps are to verify your email. Once you send the verification, log into your webmail account. If you are hosted with Artbiz I will provide you with those log ins or if you have cPanel log in to it and navigate to webmail. At webmail enter your username and password and find the email from Gmail.
Contained in the Gmail email there is a link that you can click which will instantly confirm your account. Optionally you can copy and paste the confirmation code in the form at Gmail.
Once verified you can close out the pop up window and then go back to Settings > Accounts and select further options on how to handle the new email.

Some options you might want to select are noted on the image below.

You just imported and set up your domain name email in Gmail. Congratulations!

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