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At Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee

There are 3 big mistakes artists make with their WordPress websites over and over again.
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At Visual Arts Alberta Association

What is a Blog and how is it different than a website?
Blogs are a type of website, everything on the internet is a website in one form or another. Static websites are built using programs like Dreamweaver on your local computer and then uploaded to your hosting sites server. Blogs on the other hand are built on server side applications where non-experts can manage their own websites on line. Continue Reading….

What is the difference between a free blog and self hosted blog?
With a free blog everything is taken care of for you. You can create a site without having to bother installing the blog platform or plugins, modifying the theme, paying for web hosting or a domain name. Basically they provide you a free space for your site on their site. But you do not own your site. Self hosted blogs are complete stand alone websites (blogs) that do not depend on any sort of 3rd party services whatsoever. In other words a self hosted blog means your blog is not ‘hosted’ by a 3rd party like Blogger.Continue Reading…

What pages do you need on an artist website?
The list at the bottom of this page is a large list of the type of pages you may want to include on an artist website. It is not necessary to use them all as you may not have a list of reviews or want to show images of your studio. At the very least consider using the four following pages as a minimum.
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Blog Elements to include for a WordPress artist blog
So why have a blog on your website? Well I never wanted one myself to begin with but then I read this article about why artists should write about their work by Chris Tyrell for Opus Art Supplies. It makes a lot of sense that people who have your art hanging in their home of office want something intelligent to say about their investment. Continue Reading…

With Alyson Stanfield at Artbiz Blog

Alyson Stanfield Interview about artists and blogs
This interview originally aired July 2010 as part of “Artist Conspiracy” online course at Listen to the interview 60 min

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