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WordPress for Artists: Learning about Content Management; the stuff people will read and look at

Since a lot of Artbiz clients still want to use the classic editor I will leave this tutorial as is. For those who want to use the new block editor I direct you to these two links for instructions.

For a list of blocks and what they do go to

For how to use go to OR

With the Content Management tutorials, learn how to insert content and images on pages or posts, add hyperlinks and what you need to know about SEO; but first…

Understanding the difference between pages and posts
Before we start working on the content management of your site, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the difference between pages and posts:

Pages are usually those which have a static purpose in life. For example an artist statement, bio, CV, Portfolio pages or contact forms. They do not usually contain information about news items, for example, which are added to the site on a regular basis.  Some people build entire sites with just Pages – this is especially the case for sites with little need for dynamic content and is very popular with small businesses artists’ sites.

Posts are articles (blog posts) published in chronological order, typically with the newest content at the top of the page.  The structure is defined by categories and tags, while making it easy for people to navigate your site, it will also help search engines to understand the content of your site and improve the relevance of search results.

The tutorials for this section are listed below with a link to each.You can access any tutorial, in any section, at any time by expanding the main menu in the sidebar to the left or by using the Sitemap.

  • Create New Page
    How to create a new page, apply the page specific attributes, select a template and publish to your website.
  • Create New Post
    How to create a new post, select categories, tags, manage post comments, set a featured image and publish to your website.
  • Upload and Insert Media
    Learn how to insert media into posts and pages including uploading images, linking to videos and managing the WordPress media library
  • Create Hyperlink
    It’s important to create internal and external links in your web site content for your visitors and SEO. This tutorial will show you how to Create a Hyperlink.
  • Upload doc, xls, pdf
    If you have exhibition catalogues or a PDF of your CV to be included on your website, this video will teach you how to Upload and Link to a doc, xls or pdf.
  • SEO for Artists
    How to optimize your artist images and text content using Alt & Title attributes, keywords, meta descriptions and links. 

Over in the left sidebar of this site, are a list of resources from that will also help you format your content and understand more about web sites.