NextGen Gallery Management

WordPress for Artists: Everything you need to know to manage your images with NextGen Gallery


Written tutorials are now at

Before you start uploading your images to NextGen Gallery there are a few things you need to do first. Firstly; title your images with your name and title of the piece and resizing your images for the web. After that you are set to go with NextGen Gallery Management.

The tutorials for this section are listed below with a link to each.

NextGen Gallery settings: This tutorial covers all the gallery settings under  Gallery Settings.

  • Resize Images
    Step by step instructions on how to resize images for your website using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or with a handy online tool.
  • Create a Gallery
    Step by step visual instructions to create a new gallery.
  • Upload Images
    Various ways to upload image or import from media library.
  •  What’s the difference between a gallery and an album.
  • Add or Editing Albums
    How to create NextGen Gallery Album and add galleries to the album.
  • Editing or Creating New Thumbnails
    Create new thumbnails in any
    gallery all at once or just edit that one thumb that has cut off your portrait head.
  • Copy or Move Images
    How to copy or move images between galleries when an image needs to be in more than one gallery OR; whoops I uploaded into the wrong gallery
  • Gallery Tags
    How to Create a Tag Gallery. Sort your images with tags and call them up using that tag into a gallery of its own.
  • Watermark Images
    How to watermark gallery images, setting a permanent text or image watermark. It can not be reversed but the original can be recovered.