Add NextGen Gallery to a Page or Post

Gallery Management: Learn how to add NextGen Gallery to a Page or Post in WordPress

Once you create a gallery and upload some images we need to get that gallery onto a page or post so it shows up on your website.

This is a two step process.
Step 1: add the gallery to the page, the gallery will appear, as will the page when you navigate to it; BUT, in order to get there from the album, we need to link it.
Step 2: link the gallery to the page – Unless you link the gallery to the page from the Gallery Settings, neither the gallery or the page will appear when you click the thumbnail from the Album.

Step One: Add a gallery to an existing page/post

Open the page or post that you want the Gallery to appear on.


Click on the “Add NextGen Gallery”
icon in the editor menu (top row, far right)

A popup will open as shown in the image above.
Select the Gallery from the drop down menu

Then select which gallery from the next drop down menu
that you want to insert on the page.

Select the “image list” radio button
for a gallery selection.


The short code as shown will be add to the page. This calls in the images in the gallery with the ID number shown.

Remember to “Update” the page/post.

Step Two: Link gallery to a page in Gallery Settings

When a visitor clicks on the thumbnail in your album, the gallery is suppose to open on the page you just inserted the gallery (Step 1). In order for that to happen, we need to tell the album which page to retrieve (step two).

Navigate to Gallery> Galleries and open the gallery you want to link.


If collapsed; expand the Gallery Settings task pane at the top of the page by clicking on the bar where it says “Click here for more settings”.

Page Link to:
from the drop down menu, select from your list of pages.

Save Changes

The other items in the Gallery Settings are covered under Album Management

What’s the difference between a Gallery and an Album?

An Album acts as a container for your Galleries, with one image that represents the work in that gallery. When you click on the thumbnail in an Album, that gallery page appears with all the images in that gallery.  A Gallery is an individual group of images.

Now that we know all about Galleries let’s learn about Albums

17 thoughts on “Add NextGen Gallery to a Page or Post”

  1. Kim, I created a gallery with some images. Then I wanted to add it to an existing page. First off, I see that I have NextGen rather than NextCell. So the page doesn’t look like the tutorial. I’m not seeing the pull down menus as described.

    1. Cory, you have the new version of the gallery plugin. Though it is very similar to this one there are a few differences. In the Word doc I sent there’s a note about the gallery and where to find video tutorials, which is under Gallery > Overview. Watch the first video there to become familiar.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I completed most of the site (, but I have a question of the gallery.
    When I click on a thumbnail I get a different big picture then you show me in the leonardo demo. There is no title etc and there is no previous or next button. I prefer the way it looks in the demo or if that is not possible , just like
    Can you help??

  3. I had a gallery (Nature) that I made private for a few weeks until I had the images prepared. I just got all the images up and changed the gallery to public but it does not show up. I checked through everything from this tutorial and all was in order. Can you tell me what I am missing?

  4. Kim, I have added the page small paintings, nut when I view the page none of the info about title and size shows up. Also, can’t figure out how to add the small painting page to the landing page.

    1. We are using the caption template on your galleries Adele. Go to one of the other gallery pages and copy the gallery shortcode. Once you paste it change the gallery ID number to match the small paintings number.

      Also you need to change the “page” template to the full width template to remove the sidebar from the page. You’ll find that on the right of the editor under Attributes.

  5. I created a new page called Plein Air and added it to the menu. Next I added a new gallery called Plein Air following the 2 steps above. It says its linked but it does not show up on my site? Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Kim. I didn’t know about short codes but I figured out how to add it to my new gallery by looking at how the other two galleries were done and watching your video. Now it visible.

  6. I have tried to create a new gallery (Cards). I thought I had it figured out, as “Cards” is listed under Galleries. However, I think I only created a Page as I can’t seem to load any images onto it. The “page” also says (gallery not found). Eeek!

    1. Betty it looks like you created a gallery and a page then deleted the gallery and kept the page, then you created another gallery and linked it to the same page. When you create a page from the gallery it automatically adds the short code for you. If you open the page in the editor you will see that the short code is looking for gallery 4 when in fact the gallery you want is 5.

      Just change the 4 to a 5 and your images will appear.

  7. Hi Kim.
    My WordPress galleries are working, but the Nextgen galleries display with all the thumbs in a long vertical column, and the slide shows don’t work at all. I’ve switched to a different browser, from Chrome to Firefox, tried downloading Flash player, checked that Javascript is on…I’m shooting in the dark being a novice. I’m thinking I should deleat Nextgen and re-upload the plugin. Can you help? Here’s a link to a page with regular WP gallery, then scroll down to the not-working nextgen gallery

    1. For some reason you have a style applied on the gallery with a width of 25%. class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box" style="width:25%;"
      Check the style sheet for NextGen and set the width to 100%. It is really hard to diagnose just from the source code but try to find that style selector and see what happens.

      For your slideshow, double check your settings under Options > Slideshow. If you have not uploaded the imagerotator.swf to your WP-Content > Uploads and checked the box to integrate it; that could be why the slideshow isn’t working. Uncheck the box and the jQuery Cycle should kick in.

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