Copy or Move Images Between Galleries

NextGen Gallery:  Learn how to copy or move images between galleries

Sometimes you feel that an image needs to be in more than one gallery OR you mistakenly uploaded images into the wrong gallery. You can move or copy them so you don’t have to start over. I’m using NextGen Galleries from my fine art site as screenshots for this tutorial.

Navigate to Gallery>Galleries and open the gallery that has the images you want to copy or move.

copy or move image between nextgen galleries 1
Click image to enlarge

On the left side of each thumb is a “check box”.
Check each box next to the images you want to copy or move.

From the Bulk Actions drop down menu,
select either “copy Images” or “move images”.

Click the Apply button next
to the Bulk Actions menu

copy of move images between nextgen galleries 2
Click image to enlarge

A pop up window appears,
asking you to select the destination gallery from a drop down list.

After selecting the gallery, click “OK”.

A yellow bar at the top of the page tells you that the image has been moved or copied. The beauty of this is that all your Alt text, Descriptions and tags all go with the image. Nice!

Click here to watch this process in the “NextGen Gallery Management” Video on the first tutorial in this section

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