Create a NextGen Gallery Tag Gallery

Gallery Management: How to create a NextGen Gallery Tag Gallery

A tag gallery allows you to sort your images with tags, and then call them up using that tag into a gallery of its own. However you should know that tagged images will only appear in thumbnail format and not with the slideshow.

This is how to create a NextGen Gallery Tag Gallery and why you may want to.

Let’s say you only want to show your inventory in a gallery that represents you; tag those images with the gallery’s name.

Next to the image description box in manage gallery, there is a box to enter your tags. Enter your tags, using a comma to separate them, if there is more than one tag. Then go to the page you want the images to appear on and enter the following short code [ nggtags gallery=galleryname ]. The line of code that I am showing here has a space at the beginning and end of the brackets,  if you want to copy and paste this code make sure you remove these spaces.

nextgen tag gallery
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In the above example I have used 3 tags; wavailable, Kim Bruce Fine Art and grid.

I used wavailable to create a tag gallery to show a gallery which work I had available.

I use Kim Bruce Fine Art as an SEO tag for search engines.
Grid refers to all my work that has a grid pattern (for a blog post).
The tags enable me to use the same image for multiple purposes on my website.

If you want to call up more than one tag into a tag gallery, then comma separate the tags.

Make sense?