Crop a New Thumb in NextGen Gallery

Gallery Management:  Learn to crop a new custom thumb in NextGen Gallery for any single image.

When NextGen Gallery creates your thumbnail images it crops from the center of the image. This can be especially annoying for portrait artists when they see the heads cut off their images.

Navigate to Gallery> Galleries and open the gallery with the images you want to crop.

crop new thumb in nextgen gallery
Click image to enlarge

Hover over the thumb area for the menu to appear. Select “Edit Thumb” next to the image in question.

crop new thumb in nextgen gallery 2
Click image to enlarge

In the Pop up window drag the cursor over the area you want to appear in the thumb. A preview is shown on the right. Note that the area selection will be constrained by the thumbnail aspect ratio.


Close the window and save

Some browsers will not show this feature, some older versions of Internet Explorer and  Safari. Installing Firefox should rectify the problem. Here’s the link to download the FireFox browser (it’s free)

Image credit: Sheila Norgate – “Dog of indeterminate lineage shown here in freudian slip” 48×36″, mixed media on canvas

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  1. Hi Kim,

    Alas, when I click “edit thumb” on a specific image in a specific gallery the only thing that pops up is the message “customize thumbnail” with “cancel” or “ok” and nothing else. No image, nada. I’ve tried this over and over and over to no avail. It is the same for all Nextcell galleries. Any clues? Still unable to edit any thumbnails in the FooGalleries. Using Firefox.

    Many thanks,

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