Insert Album on a Page or Post

Gallery Management: How to insert NextGen Gallery Album on a Page or Post in WordPress.

There are two types of albums included in these instructions; the expanded and compact versions

First Open the page or post the you want to add the NextGen Album to.



Click on the “Add NextGen Gallery” icon in the editor menu.
It is the last icon on the top row.

When the popup shows,
select the Album tab.

From the drop down menu,
choose the album from the list of album names.

Pick the radio button next to the version,
compact or extended (see samples of both below).

Click insert and make sure you Update your page/post

The album short code on the page looks like:
This is the extended version: [ album id=10 template=extend ]
This is the compact version: [ album id=10 template=compact ]

Every album has a number, in this case 10. Yours may be different.

Visual example of a compact and extend albums

The top horizontal images are the compact version, while those below, are the extended version.

Click image to enlarge

Using the Text Widget to add an album to a widget area.

This is so simple that it defies explanation, but if you don’t know that you can do it then it obviously needs some explaining.

Navigate to Appearance>Widgets

add album to the text widget
Click image to enlarge

Drag the text widget over to one of the widget areas. You can see an example of this on my fine art site.

It is personal preference if you want to provide a title.
If so fill it in here.

Copy the album short code and paste it in the text widget. Remember to include the opening and closing brackets. And be mindful of the album ID number.

Save. Your album will now appear on every page or post depending on which widget area you place the text widget.

Note: this works well for the compact version of the album. Using the extend version may yield unexpected results.

Congratulations you now have your images online for the world to see and appreciate!

This ends NextCell Gallery basic management but there are more tutorials for NextCell Gallery and image management. Pick where you would like to go next from the main side bar menu or this section’s main page.

9 thoughts on “Insert Album on a Page or Post”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Not sure which tutorial to attach this question to but this seems close. I was wondering about having galleries within galleries (albums?) and cannot understand how that is done or if it is even possible. Not sure if this would be multiple albums or galleries or what? As an example: I would have the main portfolio (album?), and under that 3 groups (galleries? albums? ) of images, Nature, Places, Mandalas. Under Nature, I’d like to have 3 categories , Flowers, Trees, Water. Under Places, I might have 3 or more categories for specific locations. Is this possible within this setup? If so, how is that accomplished?

  2. I’ve added another gallery and was trying to get it to appear in the with the other 3. It now shows up but when I click on it it is not linked to the gallery? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I followed the instructions above.

    I would also like to not have the galleries appear under the slideshow on the home page but don’t know how to get rid of them.

    1. Go to Gallery > Manage Gallery – open the gallery and select a page you want to link it to.
      Go to the Page open it for editing and make sure the gallery short code is on the page
      Then go to Gallery > Album – select the album and add the new gallery to it and save.

      Anytime you want to remove a gallery or album from showing on a page simply remove the short code.

      1. I checked everything and think I had done all of that but I noticed there were 2 pages I could select labeled the same name. I choose the other one and the link then worked.

        I also removed the album short code to remove the galleries under the slideshow.


  3. Hello Kim,

    Thank you for a great WORDshop today, I really learned a lot!

    Now I am practicing some of what I learned, and trying some new things as well, and the new things are leading to a question:

    I have inserted an album into my portfolio. Inside the album are 3 galleries. In order to make an image for the album, I added a photo to one of the galleries, then excluded it from the gallery – because the image should not be part of any gallery, I only want it for a “cover image” – and then chose it for the album cover. Is this a good way to do that? Or have I made some sort of unduly complicated path by adding an album cover image this way? I did have a look here but couldn’t find the specific information I was looking for.

    Thank you,

    1. Okay Verna I think I see what you are trying to accomplish. Try this…
      1. Create a new gallery that contains your album cover image only, name it archive.
      2. Add this gallery to your main portfolio album
      3. Create a new archive page and link the new archive gallery
      4. Instead of putting the gallery shortcode for the new archive gallery put the archive album on it instead.

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