Video Library

The Video Library from Artbiz on You Tube.

All videos may be viewed full screen, though the quality may degrade.

Click the bottom right corner to enter fullscreen.

Use the ESC key on your keyboard to exit full screen or click the bottom right corner of the video to exit.

To work along side of the videos, pause it, go perform the task, then come back to the video and click play. It will start where you left off.

6 thoughts on “Video Library”

  1. Hey Kim, I noticed the “Leave a Reply” boxes – just like this one – are NOT showing up on any of my pages?? I checked the Discussion box for the pages under Screen Options and I made sure Comments were Enabled in the Discussion page under Settings. Help?

    Thank you!

    1. Some themes have this feature however pages on David Parent and Child Themes do not have comments. This allows artists to have clean portfolio pages and leaves the blogging features on the blog which are composed using posts.

      1. Cool – I thought that was it. Now that I think about it, it makes sense to have all your dialogue regarding your Creative Work in one place – especially if you’re planning on blogging. Not to mention keeping your WP-site lighter which is ALWAYS good :>)

        Thanks Kim!

  2. The process for Creating a Blog Page in the “Change Your Landing Page” tutorial… is unnecessary if you’re using one of Kim’s updated themes which have “Default Template” and “Showcase Template” options – in the Page Attributes window under Template. When adding a new page – selecting the “Showcase Template” page option automatically creates a new page that will display your blog posts. Good luck!

    1. You don’t need to set a blog landing page under the Reading settings if you use the Showcase template, selected and applied under page attributes in the page editor. The next step would be adding that page to the menu.

      Brain you would use the default template if you create a page to use as your blog landing page and want it to appear like a standard blog as outlined in this tutorial.

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