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WordPress Admin: Learn to download a backup of your pages, posts and media using WordPress backup Tools.

In the WordPress Admin Menu under Tools there are a few items. The first two below are for your information. The ones that I want  to concentrate on here are the WordPress Export Tool and Backup

Available Tools provides a little app called “Press This” which you can drag to your browser and use to quickly capture info from other websites to publish on your own blog. There is also a category converter that allows you to convert your blog categories to tags.

Import is a feature that will allow you to import all your blog posts into your WordPress site from other blogs like Blog Spot.

Both of the above have more information contained in the help tab.

WordPress tools backup

Use the Export Tool to generate a backup of all your pages, posts, media and links. You can choose what to export but I recommend that you choose All Content.

Click on the Download Export File and save the file to your computer. The file will look similar to the image below with the name of your site and the date.

IMPORTANT: this tool does not back up NextGen Gallery Images.

The file is used to migrate your content to another installation of WordPress. Note that it does not back up NextGen Gallery images, but you have the originals, don’t you?

Familiarize yourself with the WordPress Settings next.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Backup Tools”

  1. Hi Kim – I’m new to Artbiz and WordPress and working my way through the tutorial on-line. It flows very well and I’m gaining confidence to go to different pages, understand the language, see how the site works, manage the content that I’m going to use on the site and so on.
    Having just read about ‘backing up’, I wonder how often you recommend that I do this?
    I have an external hard-drive and presumably that would be appropriate hardware?
    best wishes

    1. I recommend running a manual backup whenever you have added content to your site. Otherwise you can schedule backups on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. If you’re not blogging then monthly backups would suffice.

      It’s always safer to keep the backups separate from your site. So downloading to your computer is a great idea.

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