Get People Back to Your Site with Subscribe to Comments

Has this ever happened to you…

You find a really great article and you spend time composing a comment because the blog post is important to you. Say you’re a first time visitor to the site and the blog author has your comment go through the moderation process. Until your comment is approved it remains in limbo, not published to the site. You have to wait and if waiting is not something you have time for you leave the site.

But wait, oh darn I forgot to bookmark the page.

One thing you can do to find that page again is to search your history in your browser. As long as you have a breadcrumb trail back to the site you can spend the time to check back. More often than not though, you forget.

Wouldn’t it be great if you received an email notification from the blog author when your comment was approved and posted?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were notified again when someone interacts with your deeply profound and intelligent comment?

And blog authors – wouldn’t it be swell if your readers came back again and again?

Blogs are about building relationship and community. If you are making it nearly impossible for people to stay connected chances are, well, you won’t connect.

What if I told you that there was one simple and easy way that your readers can stay connected to your blog? Would you do it?

Not only is convenient for site visitors IT BRINGS THEM BACK!

So how do we add subscribe to comments? There is a module in JetPack that does just that.

First Jetpack needs to be installed. This article goes through all that.

Once you have JetPack installed go to Jetpack in your admin menu. It’s at the top under Dashboard.

jetpak-subscriptions-1Look for “Subscriptions”, it’s the first item on the second row of modules. If there’s a blue button that says “activate” click on that to activate the module.

You can Learn More about it by clicking that link and bring up the info. OR better yet go to Jetpack Support and read everything you need to know to use subscriptions on your site.

1. People can subscribe to your comments. Do this! It is an invaluable way for your readers to stay connected to you.

2. People can subscribe to all your posts. In essence helping you build a following and a list. BUT is this the best way to build your list? In my next post I’ll compare Jetpack Blog Subscriptions with Mail Chimp.

Make it easy for site visitors to interact with you and your other followers by installing Jetpack and activate Subscribe to Comments.




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