Setting Feature Content for Da Vinci Slider or Grid

This short guide will show you how to:

  • set a grid layout or a slider to display content on your homepage
  • customize the featured tag to choose which posts you display on the homepage

NOTE: the slider / grid only works with posts, not pages.

Choose your Layout
You can either have a grid layout or a slider on the homepage.


Screenshots of the slider and grid layouts:


To choose your layout, open up the Theme Customizer under the Appearance tab.

Under Featured Content select your preferred layout from the drop down. You can always change to the other later if you want.


When you’re done click Save and Publish.

To assign content to appear in the grid or slider, you should assign it the Featured tag. This will display your posts, displaying the featured image.


The next section will show you how to customize the Featured tag.

Change the Featured Tag
By default, Da Vinci┬ádisplays any post in the slider or grid with the tag “Featured” attached to it. If no posts have this tag, a sticky post is displayed instead should you have a post set as sticky. Otherwise nothing will appear.

You can edit this tag in the Theme Customizer. To edited the tag, go to Appearance > Customizer. Under the Featured Content section, change the name of the tag.


The Don’t display this tag on the front end checkbox lets you determine whether you want the Featured tag to appear in tag clouds on the front end.

Save and publish.