10 Posts for your Facebook Page

I have had a Facebook Page for Artbiz for sometime now and have often pondered the redundancy of just using those pages to re-post what I had already written on my blogs.

Think of your Facebook page as a mini blog to share thoughts and ideas that are too short to warrant a full-blown blog post but are important none the less.

  1. Post images of new work.
  2. Need help resourcing something? Post the question to your wall.
  3. Great exhibit coming to town, share.
  4. Taking a workshop or course, let people know. Add the link.
  5. Talk about and share links to artists you admire.
  6. One of your followers posts something of value, share it by re-posting it to your wall.
  7. One of your followers has a special interest and you stumbled upon a related website. Share the link.
  8. If you allow followers to post to your wall and they ask you a question make sure you answer it.
  9. You found a great deal on artists materials. Share it.
  10. Take a picture of what you are working on today. Post the finished piece tomorrow.

It is all about building relationships and engaging your audience. And believe it or not it is not all about you. For every one post that is about you have at least 10 or 12 that are about something or someone else.

If you can think of anything else please add a comment.