Subscribe to Blog Posts

In a previous article I talked about providing site visitors an easy way to stay connected to you using Jetpack Subscrption module. In particular the subscribe to comments feature.

Jetpack’s Subscription Module also allows visitors to subscribe and receive email notifications whenever you publish a blog post. But is it a good idea to use Jetpack subscriptions for this or use a application like Mail Chimp?

Let’s compare using Jetpack subscribe to blog posts vs Mail Chimp’s subscriptions.

PriceFree up to 2000 subscribersFree but you should make a donation
Account SetupYou have to open an account at outside of your WordPress site.Once you activate the Jetpack plugin inside your WordPress site you have to open an account at in order to import the functionality
Subscription FormsLogin to Mail Chimp and customize your subscription form. Then either copy and paste the generated code into a text widget or install a plugin to aid in this step.Once the subscriptions module is activated and configured there will be a widget available that you drag and drop into your sidebar or add to any page with a short code.
CustomizationFull email & RSS feed emails can be fully designed and customizedNothing to see here
 Export CSV Yes you can export and download a CSV of all your subscribersNothing to see here either
Moving your site or blogYour list is independent from your site. It goes where you put it.Your list is integral to your site. If you move it contact Jetpack support for help moving your list
 Manually add subscribers Yes but you have to have their permission Can’t add manually
 Segment lists for who gets what Yes No
 Custom Design Email Newsletters Yup Nope
 Auto Scheduling Blog post emails Yes That’s all it does
ReportsFull reports. See who opens your emails and what links they clickNone

Jetpack’s Subscriptions are an easy, no fuss, no muss way to start building an email list. I’m going to call this the non techie’s way to get the job done.

Mail Chimp Subscriptions are for the more serious user who want to be able to compose and craft the emails that are sent out to their subscribers.