Client Testimonials

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I want to say a BIG thank you to you Kim for Artbiz, your customer service, your creativity and technical acumen.
You have taken the fear out of my internet / website life and replaced it with peace of mind.. I thank you for all that.

M. Shemchuk

aly-150x150“I’m delighted to recommend Kim Bruce’s WordPress expertise. Kim has written high-qualitly guest posts about WordPress for the Art Biz Blog and was kind enough to let me interview her for members of the Artist Conspiracy. I have been extremely happy with her content and the generous way she shares it with artists.”

I just wanted to thank you again for putting the newsletter sign up on my web site. It’s so exciting every time I get a new signup! I haven’t even started any promotion of the new site, and I have gotten a number of new people on the list. I can only imagine it will get better and easier to stay in touch with people, especially once I really start putting more effort into it.

Julie Anderson Ceramics

Colleen Kole - Art Quilts and Textiles
Colleen Kole – Art Quilts and Textiles

Here’s some direct comments about my website from other artists.

1. “Clean lines with a great showcase to highlight your work”
2. “Loved the gallery which shows up at the bottom of the pages”
3. “Your work is front and center without lots of extraneous information to distract you”

And that’s exactly what I wanted! Thank you.
Colleen Kole


Bev Tosh –

Your tutorials are very well written and illustrated. While some assume a moderately knowledgeable user, they make sense to a neophyte such as myself. You have given me the tools to learn how to highlight the visibility of my website to search engines while protecting my web images from appropriation – and so much more. I would strongly recommend your tutorials to all artists.
Bev Tosh

Isabel Forbes
Isabel Forbes

It was great working with you. This was a project I wanted to accomplish for some time and the idea of tackling it alone kept me from completing it. Thank you so much for helping me check this off my to do list.

I’m glad to have the extra support you offer and I’m sure I’ll be in touch.

With great appreciation,
Isabel Forbes

Christine Eckerfield

I did not have to figure out how to fit photos or text to the screen, which is something that is automated in the theme. In addition, the website is compatible with all browsers and even smart phones.

The tutorials are thorough and easy to understand, and there is a great deal of information contained in them. I found the tutorial about adding copyright information to photos to be helpful. It was new information to me and adds professionalism to my site.

The theme and tutorials are easy to use – I did not know WordPress before I worked with Artbiz. When I had questions Kim answered them quickly.

Thank you Kim for a great product and fantastic service!

Christine Eckerfield

Sharon Bacal

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me in redesigning my website. Previously, I had a website that was too sophisticated for me to manage on my own. Consequently, I could neither update my site with new information and events nor could I upload my images as new work was being created. I found that this defeated the purpose of maintaining a website and found the entire experience very frustrating.

From the moment I happened upon your website, I realized how this problem could be resolved quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. In less than one week, you had my new website up on the net and the results have been extraordinary.

The comments have been pouring in! Everyone likes the new format. They find it clean, elegant and easy to navigate. One viewer wrote: “I like it. Clean and simple with lots of hidden goodies to explore and view. Lots of content hidden below the exterior for those who want to explore your work.”

I found your service to be outstanding. You responded very promptly to my email questions and were very kind and courteous when we did the “walk-throughs” over the phone. I found the entire process to be quite satisfying and I actually enjoyed it!

I also had the opportunity to view your own website. You are an amazing artist in your own right and it explains your appreciation for the needs of other artists. You really were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I wish you great success in all your future endeavours. Thank you again!

Sharon Bacal

Deborah Catton
Deborah Catton

I came across Kim and Artbiz web design in my quest to develop a more professional looking site for my own artwork. Kim was very encouraging right from the beginning. Her patience and availability allowed for me to develop and publish my own site within a week. Any time I had a question or felt stuck in the process, Kim quickly responded with guidance and reassurance. It has been a pleasure to work with Kim and I would recommend this to those looking for quality creative design in promoting their work.

I also discovered that the artbiz website has some very valuable tips and information on the nature of working as an artist and the development and promotion of being an artist.
Thanks again Kim,

Deborah Catton (Calgary, Ab)

Debbie Overton
Debbie Overton

Earlier this past year I came across the website of Kim Bruce of Artbiz– bookmarked it for future reference and time went on.  I had made the decision to merge my art and business websites and blogs into one in order to allow more time to continue promoting other artists as well as free me up from all the admin work involved in maintaining two sites.If you are in need of someone to design your site, spruce up the one you have or give you a hand in getting everything pulled together – I highly recommend Kim.  The Artbiz website is filled with very helpful information for those working with wordpress and Kim is fast and very dependable.  I am a frequent visitor to the site when I want to add or change something – and I know Kim is always available for my questions.

Debbie Overton of Fresh Approach Connecting Art & Business

Sabine Loecorre-Moore
Sabine Loecorre-Moore

Kim Bruce is a great teacher. I was able to create my site knowing absolutely nothing about building a site. She was so patient with every single questions I had. She made it very easy.

Sabine Lecorre-Moore (Calgary, Ab)

Frances Vettergreen
Frances Vettergreen

Love my website! Kim’s template was easy for even a newbie like me to use, and she was very prompt with useful email help when I got mixed up. My site’s only been up for two months and already I’ve used it to arrange representation and an exhibition…it works! it really works! The only downside is that all this attention means the time I have for the studio isn’t enough to keep up, but I’m not complaining. Got an email tonight from a complete stranger wondering about buying something off the site. Wow. Thanks again,

Frances Vettergreen(Calgary, Alberta)

Lorna Dockstader
Lorna Dockstader

Having you design my site has had all kinds of interesting benefits and when I’ve seen sites done by others (often students), yours looks so much more professional in appearance.

Lorna Dockstader (Calgary, Alberta)

Laurie Steen

“Kim created my website almost 3 years ago, and I have heard great comments about it ever since. Each time I get in touch with Artbiz to start updating again, things happen smoothly and ideas are translated into dollars and cents to get an idea of where to go. Kim has the rare ability to be creative, logical and technical at the same time. The sites creativity and efficiency always seems to be carefully balanced. Every now and then I will need something done quickly and without giving her any warning, it is always completed by the next day!

Kim is also very helpful in navigating me through the big wide web world and helping me understand things, and replying to any favour! I love the site and it has become such an important tool for me, as I continue to exhibit in different countries. I can see making my site grow and nurturing the relationship for a long time.”

Laurie Steen Bowles (Devon, England)

sheila norgate
Sheila Norgate

“I am thoroughly pleased and extremely satisfied with the work that Kim Bruce has done in designing my website. I have compliments on it from everyone who visits the site, and I daresay it has made a tremendous contribution to my career and my efforts to get my work out into the world. Kim managed to “translate” the great mass of information, images etc. into a meaningful, cohesive site that represents me to a T both visually and ideologically. She has been patient and attentive in working with me to make sure I am capable of managing the site on my own, and has been extremely generous with her time. She is always readily available if I run into trouble, and responds quickly with solutions and support.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim Bruce as a web designer and in fact, have given her name out several times to folks who are keen to have her work for them.”

Sheila Norgate (Gabriola Island, B.C.)

lok energy
Lok Energy

“I had the pleasure of working with Kim, when she designed our web site. With little instruction and guidance she managed to envisage what was needed. It was excellent working with some one who listened and had the patience, to allow us the time we required to verbalize what we wanted. Thanks Kim for doing an excellent job, supplying excellent practical advice, resulting in a product that looks good and gives LOK Energy Services great internet presence.”

LOK Energy Services Inc. (Calgary, Ab)

Judie Popplewell
Judie Popplewell

“Kim has made it very easy to update my own website and the tutorials are a very helpful tool. She answers all queries promptly and was extremely patient when I first started using the program. I am not a “techy”, but this program is easy even for me!”

Judie Popplewell (Calgary, Ab)

Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon
Eleanor Lowden

“Thanks to Kim, and Artbiz, I have the freedom to change images on my website when I need the changes done. On my previous website, I was only able to change some text, and had to wait for the web designer to add and delete images. As a result, the images were often no longer available. I like to keep my website current, and to have changes made once a month, or more often if I want makes it more interesting to people that refer to my website frequently. In addition to changing images, I can add links to galleries, shows, other artists, and update current events as they come up.”

Eleanor Lowden (Toronto. ON)
Dale Kirschenman

“Kim Bruce’s expertise and enthusiasm have made setting up and maintaining my website a pleasure. I find the cost of my site is low and the ongoing assistance when necessary is a great help.”

Dale Kirschenman (Calgary, Ab)