Artist Themes Support WooCommerce

WordPress for Art artist themes support WooCommerce.

WooCommerce requires WordPress themes to have extra functions added to the theme templates.  This includes adding some code to the functions file of the theme and an extra WooCommerce page template. These items have been incorporated into all David themes.

Perhaps you may be thinking that you don’t want to use WooCommerce. That’s okay you can still use the David themes without the WooCommerce plugin. In fact you can use any WordPress shopping cart plugin you want and the extra files to support WooCommerce will not interfere with that.

These extra functions and templates will only come into play when the WooCommerce plugin is activated.

On this site I am currently using Easy Digital Downloads

I added Woo Commerce to my fine art site. My experience was that I had to look up and add an number of functions to my theme’s function.php file in order to remove things like the “reviews” panel and add things like the number of products to display before the pagination kicks in.

Update: Release of David 2.3.1 November 13 now includes more styles for Woo Commerce.