PayPal Shopping Cart Tutorial

With this tutorial you will build a simple PayPal Shopping Cart to sell original works of art. The PayPal shopping cart can also be used for products with variations like prints.


Using this cart option means you don’t need a WordPress plugin to add a cart to your WordPress site.

This tutorial is laid out with written instruction accompanied by screenshots with bubble markups. The markups indicate what the next step is and has a description of what is what. See a live functioning preview of the PayPal cart in action at

Once you pay an amount of your choice you will be instantly redirected to the PDF where you can save to your computer.

Canada, UK and other countries PDF

United States version PDF


Note to Canadians, UK and countries other than USA. PayPal provides one shipping calculation interface that will apply to all countries and shipping methods. If you require multiple shipping methods and calculations on a country by country basis, then a shopping cart plugin for WordPress would be a better solution. That said, flat rate or percentage shipping based on the full cart amount would certainly suffice as long as you set a fee that will average out over multiple shipping locations. Confirm the shipping options available to  countries other than Canada with PayPal support.

PayPal Support is accessed by logging into your PayPal account and then going to this link > If you are logged in and want telephone support, you will be issued a token, which will expedite the process. This information and link is included in the tutorial.