Spend Less Time on Your Website and MORE Time in Your STUDIO!!

If you are a visual artist trying to get your work up on the web, then this guide will help you craft a fine art website. Even if you have had a website for years,  this guide has tips and tricks that will make your site even stronger and get it found.

  • Do you have a domain name that could be anyone’s business name?
  • Did you know that uploading too large of an image to your website can be stolen from your site and turned into prints?
  • Did you know that people interact with web pages differently than they do with printed materials, and how that affects the way you present your content? 
  • Did you know the design of your site can affect the how well your work looks online?
  • Is the homepage of your site composed of one image, or worse yet; a slideshow?

This guide will help you understand the intricacies of creating content and engaging your readers. We look at everything, from what makes a good domain name and host, to writing for the web, crafting content, getting into Google searches and making your work look good.

Here’s some of what’s inside…

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Kim Bruce is an artist, she wrote this eBook because she feels that it is the artist’s job to educate people about their work. Kim thinks it’s time to demystify art and one tool is through the artist’s own website.

“If you avoid your website like the plague then you really need this eBook.” 

~ Kathy Beatle

I have another show coming up soon, and I am wanting to rev-up my art life again, so this document can really help me! Especially page 40… and beyond. Thanks again.

~ Suzanne Gibbs