How to use the 2017 Child Theme Slider

The 2017 Child theme for the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme comes with a built in fullscreen homepage slideshow.

After you upload and activate the 2017 Child theme add your slide images first.

In the admin menu look for Header Slider > Add New

Title your images so you know what they are. Titles will not show.

Images can be added in one of 2 ways. If you know the URL of the image add it to the area below the title. The other option, and it is the easiest, is to simply to select a feature image via the feature image dialogue box. For the best look make sure the image is optimized and is 2000 wide x 1200 high.

Publish the image so it will be seen on the homepage.

NOTE: Upload your images in reverse order. Last image added will be the first image shown.

Add up to 10 images, but 3 is recommended, so your site doesn’t get slow. Once all your slides have been added go to Appearance > Customized > Theme Options to activate the slideshow


It is recommended to add a header image even if you are using the slider, as the this image will appear in the header on individual pages. It too should be 2000 wide.