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Are you wondering why your website isn’t working? Is your bounce rate is high? What’s a bounce rate?

That’s when people are leaving your site right from the page they land on. They don’t go deeper into the site; visit other pages or read your blog posts.

The content on any site is the most important item. While Artbiz designs a well-structured theme (the packaging), what goes inside that package (the content) is often not up to us. That’s why we created an entire blog category dedicated to the crafting of your content and what should go on what page.

Every site is unique and in your uniqueness you may have site specific problems that you don’t know how to resolve or maybe you don’t know you have problems.

Rather than guess and implement solutions by trial and error would you like to find out what your individual problem areas are and how to fix them? The website checkup by Artbiz does just that.

Artbiz has been creating websites and blogs for artists since 2004. Over that time we have become rather good at using WordPress, we know what to look for.

Get a website checkup within 48 hours

For a consulting fee of $165 Artbiz will tell you what you can do to improve your site and hence your visitors experience.

Artbiz will visit your site, navigate around and give you a visitor experience report. Artbiz will look at your source code, images and content and provide you with a list of recommendations that you can implement to create strong content and make your site visitor and search engine friendly!

Note I only tell you what needs to be done, I don’t actually do it under this survey. Please ask for a quote to implement my recommendations.

I can do all this without having to login to your site but if you have right clicked blocked enabled you will have to disable it or I can only do a partial survey.

All prices are USD

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Once submitted you will receive an acknowledgment email from Artbiz and a timeline for when to expect your report. Reports are completed on a first come first serve basis. We will endeavour to send you your website checkup list and recommendations on how to fix within 24-48 hours.