Why Artists Should Use WordPress

Why I believe artists should use WordPress for their Artist Website

I have a number of pet peeves when it comes to artist websites. Trust me I have looked at 100’s, even 1000’s of artist sites since I started working on artist websites. Here’s three.

You might think that this website with “Hello” as a site title might be my number one pet peeve. It is not, but does rank up there. Nice illustration though.

hello is not a site title

You might think choice of site colors as shown below, is my pet peeve. This image I dubbed “Blue Murder” because the colors are murdering what otherwise is a nice abstract painting. Not my number one pet peeve.

Color can murder your images


My biggest single pet peeve when looking at artist sites is this one. THE STALE WEBSITE
example of a stale artist website
You know an artist website is stale by just looking at the CV (curriculum vita) page. If the last entry was in 2003 as shown on the image above, then the artist is either:

  1. Dead
  2. Given up on their art career, and if so please take your site down
  3. Doesn’t have the means or skills to update or manage the site.

I happen to know this artist is not dead. In fact she has a very active arts career and exhibits regularly.  She is an amazing figurative oil painter.

This is a very attractive site, which leads me to believe that a designer was hired.  This also leads me to believe that the artist has neither the means nor the skills to keep it current.

She probably can not access her site files and if she could she would be faced with this…

example of HTML code

This is the HTML code from the site; what in the name of all that is holy is she suppose to do with this.

The artist can invest in Dreamweaver for around $400 or download a free code editor but unless she knows how to edit code or wants to learn, her site is dead, as you can see since 2003.

What is a Blog & how can you use it as an artist website?

You have all heard of blogging right? It’s certainly more than talking and sharing personal info. It’s a place you can login to create, modify, organize or remove your content without having to know code.

There are 164,000,000 blogs on the internet (Dec 2011)

number of blogs on the internet

24,108,000 use WordPress. That is a 14.7% market share. No one has a higher market share than WordPress. And out of the top 100 blogs on the net, 48% use WordPress.

number of blogs that use WordPress

Here’s just some of the websites that use WordPress.

websites that use WordPress

Now you may think that because these are large sophisticated sites that the program has to be complicated. It is not. In fact I think they use WordPress because it is so easy.

This is a screenshot of the visual editor in WordPress. All you have to do is type and upload an image or two, or three.

WordPress visual editor
Burns Visual Arts

When you click Publish, WordPress creates the HTML code for you and renders the page as you can see below.

Burns Visual Arts Society
Visit Burns Visual Arts site


The great thing about WordPress.org is that you can use it as a content management system or CMS for short.

wordpress = cms

WordPress.org has the capability to act simply as a website. Use it as a website only, or use it as a website and a blog; one or the other or both. You do not have to be a blogger to use a blog as a website.

On my fine art site I use WordPress as both a website and a blog.

This is what a typical image page on my website looks like.

Kim Bruce Fine Art

This is what the blog looks like.

Kim Bruce Fine Art Blog

Anyone who visits my site stays on my site. They do not leave my site to visit my blog on another site like BlogSpot. The look of my website and blog are consistent, my navigation and links to my image pages are in the same location on both, making it easy for visitors to get around.

My response to artists that ask me if I think they can update their site is:
1. If you can type in Word or an email editor
2. If you can browse your computer to locate and attach an image to an email or into Word

You have all the necessary skills to use WordPress.

Artists should use WordPress for their art site because it is just so easy to use. The internet has changed and will continue to become more of a do it yourself environment. Gone are the days when you needed a web master / designer to create and maintain a website for you. You can use WordPress.org anywhere, anytime and you do not need to know any code what so ever to do so. So why aren’t you?

Still not convinced? Contact me and I will set you up with a demo where you can login to my demo site and play.




5 thoughts on “Why Artists Should Use WordPress”

  1. Kim with your help WordPress was the ticket for me. I tried Dreamweaver but found it had a steep learning curve, used some various online platforms for artists but found them too generic and limiting. I moved my blog from blogger onto my WordPress fine art site as well. It is nice to have everything in one place and it keeps my website alive. Now let me go and check my CV!

    If you use Artbiz and WordPress you will not be disappointed!

    1. You know Patt I came up the same Dreamweaver route, since I have been using WordPress it has saved countless hours in developing sites. The best thing is that you can manage your own content with out the fear of interfering with the code. In essence you really can’t break WordPress.

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