WordPress Gallery

How to use the WordPress Gallery

This post displays the default WordPress Gallery that comes standard with every WordPress install. All Artbiz themes are outfitted with this gallery by default and are configured to use a thumbnail for next and previous images.

Click a thumbnail to start…

Usage from WordPress.org (read the entire article)


Uploading images whilst working on a Page (or Post) allows WordPress to create, and store, a direct association between each image and its parent Page (or Post). It is this association that is used to create your gallery.

Tip: When creating a gallery, try to ensure that the images you’re uploading are all roughly the same size (e.g. 1000 pixels wide by 750 pixels high). The final gallery of thumbnails will look a lot neater as a result.

Once all the images have been uploaded, check that each image has a human-readable title. No titles like abc2864.jpg, please. Give your images real titles like “My Dog” or “Roses”. If you have made changes to the image titles, remember to select “Save All changes” to record your amendments.

After you’ve uploaded and edited your images, click the “Save all changes” button. Once the changes are saved, the Gallery tab will be displayed on the “Add an Image” box and will automatically gain focus.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Add Media window to the Gallery Settings section. When you have finished entering your Gallery Settings, select “Insert gallery”. Then save your updated Page.