WordPress Hosting

Choosing the best WordPress Hosting for your website.

You’ve registered a domain name, and you know you want to use WordPress to create your online presence.

What is web hosting, and why do you need it?

Your domain name has to be directed to your site files. Your site files need to be housed somewhere and the two have to be connected.

What is a host provider?

Host providers are companies that have climate controlled computer rooms in data centers that are manned 24/7. They rent out space on their web servers for you to house your site files so your website can be visible on the internet.

Types of website hosting

Dedicated Hosting provide companies that have extremely high traffic and huge sites with their own server. This is a very expensive option and requires a high level of technical expertise. The average website doesn’t need dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Servers is when a server is partitioned to act as its own server similar to dedicated hosting. Where dedicated hosting houses only one website, a VPS server can be partitioned to accommodate a number of sites. It too is fairly expensive and not required for the average website. However Artbiz hosting for clients is on a VPS server.

Shared Hosting is what you want to look for.
Shared Hosting is the most common and cost-effective; under $10 month. Your website will share a powerful server with a number of other websites. A good choice.

The price per month that you pay for your shared hosting goes down the longer you sign up for. Terms can be from 1 to 3 years.

Services required on your shared hosting account:

Unlimited Domains
If you have registered more than one domain name, you need the ability to add those domains to your hosting site.

Unlimited Data Transfer or Bandwidth
This means that you are not limited to the amount of data that the server will transfer to your site visitors.

Unlimited Disc Space
Disc space refers to the amount of storage space on the server that is reserved for your site files.

A word about the word “unlimited”
This isn’t actually true, it is a word used more for marketing than anything to do with the amount of data that you can store on your hosting companies servers.

When a number of websites are sharing one server, the technicians watching over these servers ensure that everybody gets their fair share of that space. If one website starts hogging shared resources they will be warned and perhaps asked to move to VPS hosting.

Shared SSL certificate
An SSL or Secured Socket Layer is shared among several websites on a single server and is usually included free through a web hosting provider.

Host Providers that support WordPress

Many host companies now provide one click installation of WordPress. This will automatically unzip and install all the WordPress files and create a MySQL database for you.
Typically this service is advertised as a feature to get your business so look for the WordPress logo. If you don’t see it then make sure the host provider has the following technologies.

Technologies required to run a WordPress site:
1. Linux web servers (not Windows) with the Apache mod_rewrite module enabled.
2. The latest PHP version  (that’s the programming language that runs WordPress
— you don’t have to know that language to use WordPress effectively).
3. The latest MySQL version (this is the database that powers WordPress)

Just look for the terms

  • WordPress
  • Linux
  • PHP 5.2.4
  • MySQL 5.0.15

Signing up for Hosting

Once you have chosen a hosting company you will need to sign up by filling in a form. They will ask you whether you are registering a new domain name or using an existing domain name (that you own). Select use an existing domain name. Your account will automatically be set up with the domain name that you enter and will be set as the primary domain on the account. With most hosting companies this can not be changed so make sure you set the one you want when you sign up.

A word of advice:
I always recommend that you keep your domain name and hosting accounts separate.
Here’s why… 

Connecting your domain name to your hosting account.
Once you have your domain name and hosting accounts the domain name servers need to be change at your domain name registrar to point to your hosting account.

If you have registered your domain name with NameCheap.com, here is a simple and concise video from NameCheap.com on how to change the name servers (DNS)

Host provider recommendations:

ICD Soft

MDD Hosting

Artbiz Hosting