WordPress Tutorials for Artists

About the WordPress Tutorials

The WordPress Tutorials for Artists is a member’s site for artists, or anyone who wants to learn WordPress. Inside you will find detailed step by step instructions for adding, managing and modifying content and image portfolios for your website and/or blog with WordPress.

Artists are visual people; therefore presenting concepts via images with descriptive bubbles and instructional text fits more with the artistic process. Images are road maps with everything laid out as it actually exists in the real world, or the virtual world, as the case may be.

With the WordPress for Tutorials Artists you will learn how to use WordPress with a multitude of instructional images and videos.

Artbiz Customized Theme and WordPress Plus clients are automatically registered for the tutorial site for free.

Tutorial Organization

The tutorials cover the basics in each section, trying to take a progressive approach so that each section builds on knowledge and skill acquired earlier in the tutorials. That said, you can access any section of the school as needed to accomplish specific tasks or simply to refresh your memory.

All the screenshots and usage come from WordPress installed on this site or others, but they apply equally to WordPress installed on any site. Since WordPress periodically upgrades its functionality and adds new features, this course will be updated whenever there is a new WordPress release. As a member of this site you will be automatically notified by email when ever there is a new or update tutorial.

Even if you feel you have it all under control, check back from time to time for information on new features, tips and tricks.


The intention is for you to learn how to manage your online portfolio and text content, as well as administer your WordPress site. By using the tutorials, you will be able to:

  • administer and backup your content
  • change the appearance of your site
  • add functionality through the use of widgets
  • make your site content more interesting and engaging
  • format your text content and images for search engines
  • understand the basics of blogging
  • manage your portfolio and images online
  • resize your images for the web

It is the objective of Artbiz and the WordPress for Artists Tutorials to introduce artists to a community of like-minded individuals that share a common goal: website self-sufficiency through the use of WordPress.

Also on this site you will find a growing list of resources to help you with WordPress and with your art marketing. The Members Area, exclusive to School Members, offers free downloads from art marketing courses and discounts on instructional art videos.

If you are at all uncomfortable with managing your website yourself, Artbiz offers website management services.

Read the full WordPress for Artists Syllabus

Bev Tosh

Your tutorials are very well written and illustrated. While some assume a moderately knowledgeable user, they make sense to a neophyte such as myself. You have given me the tools to learn how to highlight the visibility of my website to search engines while protecting my web images from appropriation – and so much more. I would strongly recommend your tutorials to all artists.
Bev Tosh




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Design is Kim Bruce’s background; art, her passion; digital technologies, her tool. Kim is a visual problem solver who designs WordPress themes for fine art. Here at Artbiz.ca, she helps artists get and maintain an online presence using WordPress.