You Don’t Need a Home Page (per se)

Your Home Page can be any page that exists on your WordPress site. For example if you have a important event that you want to publicize you can set that page to be the landing page of your site. When the event is over change the “Home” page to your Artwork, Bio or anything other page you have.

So the “Home Page” doesn’t have to be an actual page called Home or Welcome with content developed specifically for it. It can be any page or even your blog if you have one.

To set the “Landing Page” a.k.a. Home Page go to Settings in the WordPress admin and under the Reading tab select the page you want. There is a Tutorial & Video at WordPress for Artists D.I.Y. site.




2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Home Page (per se)

  1. Lezley

    This is such great advice… that I never take. I’m going to specifically start using this to direct twitter clicks and other social media connections.
    Thanks for such great tips – I’m really enjoying the content you’ve got on your site… very valuable!

    1. Kim Bruce Post author

      Glad you got something out of it Lezley. I shall do my best to keep you informed and enlightened with everything WordPress.


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